Common Questions about Book Marketing

Book Marketing Plans

Why you need a book marketing plan (coming soon)

Your book marketing plan (coming soon)

Traditional Book Marketing

Introduction to traditional book marketing (coming soon)

Hiring a Publicist

What to look for in a publicist

10 things to avoid in a publicist (coming soon)


What are galleys?

The purpose of galley mailing (coming soon)

How many galleys should you be sending? (coming soon)

Press Releases

Writing an effective book press release (coming soon)

Press release distribution 101 (coming soon)

Querying Traditional Media Outlets

Writing an effective pitch letter (coming soon)

Book Signings

Who to contact (coming soon)

What to have ready (coming soon)

Selling on consignment (coming soon)

How to promote (coming soon)

Book Reviews

Why are book reviews important? (coming soon)

How to get book reviews (coming soon)

Online Book Marketing

Author Websites

Why you need a website (coming soon)

How to choose a domain name

What is search engine optimization? (coming soon)

What is search engine marketing? (coming soon)

How to sell your book on your website (coming soon)

Online Book Promotion book marketing

Twitter book marketing

Facebook book marketing (coming soon)

Social media book marketing

eBooks: Why you want one on your website (coming soon)

What is eBook marketing? (coming soon)


What is an author blog? (coming soon)

Should I have an author blog? (coming soon)

What does a good blog look like? (coming soon)

Virtual Book Tours

What is a virtual book tour/blog tour? (coming soon)

Book Trailers

What is a book trailer? (coming soon)

How can book trailers create buzz? (coming soon)


What is podcasting? (coming soon)

How can podcasting create buzz? (coming soon)

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