Selecting a Book Printer

Selecting a book printer is one of the most important parts of the publishing process.  Book printers have different types of books they specialize in and the price can also vary greatly between book printers.  Educate yourself about different types of book printing before making a final decision.  There are also many print brokers out there that can help with the printing process.  Don’t eliminate them because they may not own the press.  These companies can be atremendous advocates for you and your book.

Print on demand book printing allows one book to be printed at a time only when the book is ordered by a customer.

Short run digital book printing allows 400 or less books to be printed digitally at much more reasonable cost then print on demand printing.   Books can be used for marketing and for inventory at a book distributor.

Offset book printing allows 500 or more books to be printed at the best price per unit.  It also provides the highest quality book printing available today.

Color book printing is very specialized.  Finding a color book printer that has a lot of experience doing color book printing is very important.  You will be investing a lot of money in your color book.  Make sure the book printer you choose has a expertise to provide you with a top quality book.

Make a Smart & Informed Book Printing Decision

How the book is printed should be directly related to how the book is going to be marketed.  Making an informed decision about book printing is a good first step to making the publishing experience as enjoyable and successful as possible.  Selecting the right book printer for your project is the first step in making that happen.

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