Common Question about Self Publishing


What is self publishing?

Why self-publish? (coming soon)

Should you hire a self-publishing company? (coming soon)

Self-publishing vs. vanity publishing

How to Choose a Self-Publishing Company

A good reputation among writers (coming soon)

Fair publishing fees (coming soon)

Low printing cost and high production value (coming soon)

High royalties through all sales channels (coming soon)

Good publisher contract terms (coming soon)

Return of your original production files (coming soon)

Well-priced add-on services (coming soon)

Traditional Publishing


What is traditional publishing? (coming soon)

How to write a query letter (coming soon)

How to get an agent (coming soon)

Soliciting independent publishers (coming soon)

Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing

Self-Publishing Steps

  1. Get a Good Book Editor
    1. Why you need a book editor
    2. Types of book editing (coming soon)
  2. Get a Great Book Cover Designer
    1. Why you need good book cover art
    2. What book format is right for your cover? (coming soon)
  3. Find a Designer for you Book Interior
    1. Interior book design & formatting
    2. Why you need good interior book design (coming soon)
  4. Obtain an ISBN, Bar Code & LCCN
    1. How to get an ISBN
    2. How to get a bar code
    3. How to get an LLCN number
    4. Copyright your book
  5. Select a Book Printer
    1. Common questions about book printing
  6. Set Your Retail Price
    1. Standard retail price formula (coming soon)
    2. Printing cost allowance (coming soon)
    3. Retail price competitive rates (coming soon)
  7. Finding a Book Distribution Company
    1. Purpose of a book distributor (coming soon)
    2. Third party distribution vs. wholesale book distributor (coming soon)
    3. How to work with the Ingram Book Company (coming soon)
    4. Does book distribution and sales (coming soon)
    5. Listing your books with Amazon and other online retailers (coming soon)

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