Print Brokers

Book printing is no different from many businesses in that there are brokers out there that sell printing.  These brokers don’t own the presses and they don’t actually print the book, but they can provide invaluable knowledge to you that will make your printing experience go very smoothly.

Print brokers can help you in many different ways.  They can help make sure that your PDF files are print ready.  They can help get you the best price for the printing.  They can help make sure you are going to have your book printed by a reputable printer that specializes in the type of printing that you need and they can be there as a guide for you during the process.

There are also companies out there that are selling printing that can help with other services that are important such as retail distribution, website fulfillment, marketing and storage.

As with anything, it is important to investigate anyone that you are going to use and make the best determination possible as to the type of service and quality they will provide.  These companies can often get you a better price and help you tremendously because they have established relationships with book printers that you will not have. Many times, the book printer is going to want to deal with the print broker more than the individual authors that may find the printer directly.

Finding the right book printer is not easy and it is the culmination of a long process that has involved countless hours of work.  A print broker can be the final piece needed to make the experience as positive and rewarding as possible.

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