eBook Publishing = Game Changer

Combining smart online marketing with an eBook can bring things to a whole new level. By cutting out the costs of a printed book, the postage fees, and the customer’s wait for it to arrive, a nirvanic book experience can be enjoyed (except by those who prefer the smell and feel of a physical book). This isn’t to say that printed books are going away. They aren’t. But, the advances in eBook reading technology (like Amazon’s Kindle, the Sony Reader, B&N’s Nook, and Apple’s iPad) have made eBooks a very real and viable way for authors to sell and distribute their books.

Why eBook Publishing is No Longer Optional

Just read some of the data:

*In July 2009, eBook sales rose 213.5% from July 2008.
*On Christmas Day 2009, for the first time ever, Amazon.com customers purchased more Kindle eBooks than physical books.
*In January 2010, The Book Industry Study Group’s survey, Consumer Attitudes Toward E-Book Reading, found that within the previous twelve months, 20% of the respondents stopped purchasing printed books in favor of buying eBooks.  That is a huge shift in one year.
*The Confession (2010) by John Grisham was released simultaneously in hardcover and eBook formats.  His one week sales were 160,000 hardcovers and 70,000 eBooks.  Compare that to his last book, The Associate, which sold 233,000 hardcovers the first week of release in 2009 (the eBook wasn’t released until a year later).  See the trend?
If you haven’t muttered “wow,” go back and read the last few sentences. There is an eBook publishing revolution happening right before our eyes.

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